The 21st Annual Privacy and Security Conference has been hosted by the Offices of the CIO and Corporate Information and Records Management, Ministry of Citizens’ Services, and Province of British Columbia in Victoria on February 5 – 7, 2020. This conference has been the top conference in privacy and security which gathering over 1100 delegates around the world.

Transform Smarter recognized the important of security and privacy for public users, but we did not have a chance to discuss these topics with the Government of Canada and more specific with the Government of British Columbia. This persuaded us to attend this conference to have an opportunity to interact with government commissioners, public, and private sectors.

This is a big conference with lots of great keynote speakers and presentations that brings out valuable knowledge for your organizations. We had several interesting discussions with Gary Perkins (Executive Director, Chief Information Security Officer, Ministry of Citizens’ Services, Province of British Columbia) about security and privacy of the Cloud. We also received practical comments about Cloud resilience from Imraan Bashir (Executive Director of Cyber Security, Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) Canada). In addition, we addressed some challenges of Cloud security management with Paul Falohun (Ministry of Citizens’ Services, OCIO Enterprise Services Information Security Branch, BC). 

On the final day of the conference, there was a panel session about Smart Cities that are currently a hot topic. This session gave us the warning cost of our data and our privacy in Smart Cities. According to Shawn Slack (Director of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, City of Mississauga), “Lots of privacy issue…when there is no cost mean they are stealing your data…”.

The digitization of your business enhances competitiveness but hidden many security and privacy issues. “When moved it to Cloud, it cannot go back…”, noticed by Gary Perkins. You own the data you produce, and it is the most valuable. You take your own risk when store your data in the Cloud that “is just someone else computer…”, Imraan Bashir also mentioned.

Consequently, does Canada need a national data strategy? Jaimie Boyd (Chief Digital Officer, Province of BC) answered “No, not just one but need many strategies for Canadian data…”. Obviously before transforming your business smarter, you need timely and significant strategies that can mitigate the risk of security and privacy.

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