The 5G generation network is being tested in real life and it has a huge impact on the Internet of Things (IoT) eventually. These are a few advantages that 5G backings IoT:

  • Autonomous Vehicle. Google, Uber, FiveAI and many other companies have developed self-driving cars, and they are implementing in public. 2020 is the year that autonomous vehicles can carry passengers in public, and 5G plays a significant role along the way.
  • Industrial IoT. Expanding network capabilities, a new version of IoT devices that can evolve 5G connectivity, efficiency operations, lower production cost, increase safety and maximize profits.
  • Healthcare System. Based on the advantages of Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication, wearable devices, secure online consultations, and remote procedures like robotic surgery will be improved. It is dangerous if healthcare data is interrupted, especially in patient monitoring.
  • Controlling Environments. Smarter transportation, efficiency energy usage, collect data faster (weather, climate change, unforeseen hazardous…), and many other benefits from 5G IoT devices.

Those are few of many pros that 5G network can offer IoT; however, it can be a challenge for IoT devices to keep up and explore the next network generation widely.