The government of Canada believes that our systems are relying on technologies such as: banking, transport, communications, and energy; therefore, cyber security is a priority intention in order to protect the systems. “According to Statistics Canada, Canadian businesses reported spending $14 billion in 2017 to prevent, detect, and recover from cyber security incidents”. This is a large amount of money, and to support worker with cyber security skills, the Government is providing budgets to strengthen Canada’s cyber security which are:

  • $507.7 million over 5 years and $108.8 million per year after to funding Canada’s first comprehensive National Cyber Security Strategy and to establish the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security
  • $144.0 million over 5 years, including $22.9 million from Communications Security Establishment resources for Canada’s critical infrastructure
  • $80 million over 4 years to support Canadian cyber security network that are associated with post-secondary institutions
  • $30.2 million over 5 years to further reinforce and protect Canada’s democratic institutions
  • $67.3 million over 5 years, and $23.8 million per year after for Public Safety Canada; Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada; Global Affairs Canada; and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

“Canada is among the safest countries in the world. As Canadians, we enjoy a high standard of living, supported by strong public and democratic institutions, including a world-class justice system”. The Government is taking action to support researchers, cyber security institutions across Canada, start-up and much more; in the direction of building a strong, safe and secure system.

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