In the context of global crisis of COVID-19 pandemic, controlling the virus exposure is the critical mission which is faced by authorities. The government of Canada recently announce their new application which inform people the possible exposures before having any symptoms named COVID Alert.

The government claims that the app will protect user’s privacy because the app will “not use GPS or track your location” but it will use Bluetooth to send and exchange random codes between phones in the same range. Nevertheless, using the app lead to some concern about user privacy when the application collects geolocation data of users. The organization which are responsible for collecting can detect the movements of users, thereby they can infer the activities, habits and preference of individuals. Privacy information may be used for unauthorized purposes that may lead to many consequences.

The implement of contact tracing app is the effort of Canadian government to limit the infection and flatten the curve. There are still many concerns remained about this app such as privacy issue, it requires the further research and develop from authorities and developer.

For more information please visit The Government of Canada, 2020. COVID Alert Privacy Notice (Exposure Notification).