The real world develops every second, so does the cyber world. Cyberattacks evolutes constantly and it prompts the cyber security to evolute in order to adapt with new issues. Technology start-ups appear with many innovation ideas and solution. Despite of not every start-up succeeds, they are an important force in the development of the technology world, especially in cyber security segment.

Technology start-up companies mostly are group of people who are confident with their ideas and solutions. They can start their project as soon as the whole team agree. It makes the process faster than a department in a large corporation propose their idea and wait for approval. This is one significant difference between start-up and big company; in other word, start-ups speed up the process of creating a product and bringing them to market.

Big businesses are usually the potential target of cyberattacks, it makes them more beware when they want to launch new project or generate important information/data. On the other hand, start-up companies have lower risk of being attacked and it is safer for them to do their project.

Technology start-up companies is very important in modern world, they not only create more competition in technology industry, but they also be beneficial for lager companies if they merge. They are the innovation key for challenging cyber security issues.