We are living in the age of data, and there are no signs of slowing down. Besides Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence; Cyber Security and Intelligence are also important consideration aspects. These lead us to develop a new research concept called Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

CTI is developed based on data collection and analyzing from past, present and future cyber threat events. Thus, CTI enables an organization to prevent data breach, inform security decisions or predict future threat sources one step ahead of the adversary. CTI will be a potential solution in predicting cyber threats because an organization needs to know which are the vulnerabilities in the system.      

We believe that would be a great idea to have public source or channel that people can share all the cyber threats happen in the past, right now or maybe in the future. There are number of tech users are not aware of their careless behaviour that can lead to an open backdoor for the hacker. Keeping our knowledge up to date can be very helpful in term of protecting our value data.