When everything turns to cyber mode, data becomes the most valuable assets. Data can be personal information, ideas, knowledge, contracts or even cryptocurrency. Therefore, securing data is very important, especially to business and authorities who have access to huge amount of data. Hackers still attempt to cause a data breach by targeting individuals who have access to the data. Thus, raising awareness about data breach within organization is undoubtedly necessary.

Data breach is the intentional or unintentional disclosure of information which are confidential or important from an organization. A data breach can be intentional when the hacker attacks an individual or company’s system and stole their access permission to access the data. An unintentional data breach occurs due to the accidental information leakage from employee neglection such as identity theft.

Everybody can be the target of cyberattack, especially business because the hackers would do the attack for exchange of lots of money. In a company, the marketing department will be the division that most likely to face data breach; because marketing department is the primary division that is responsible for communicating with outside environment. This department decide which information will be published and how it will be done. A report from Accenture and the Ponemon Institute reveals that malware and people-based cyberattack cost Canadian business an average of $13 million in 2018, which increases by 72% in the last 5 years. That is a huge loss for Canadian economic growth.

Data breach mostly caused by the neglection or carelessness of business employees. Employee work identity can be stolen in many ways. As mentioned in “Cybersecurity Awareness: The role of Work Identity”, data can be hacked through personal devices such as cellphone, laptop when hackers manipulate them. Besides, adversaries can collect information from employee’s social media network; therefore, each individual should be aware of what they publish on internet.

There are some fundamental steps to prevent a data breach. Before it happens, the marketing department should cooperate with IT depart to give their employees training and knowledge about data breach. Raising data breach awareness among workers is very necessary because it helps them protect themselves and response when the incidents happen. The marketing department should act immediately when they notice the data breach by informing IT department for emergency support. A very import step they have to do next is to announce to their customer about the incidents. It will help build a trustful and responsible image of the business; and more important, that is to protect customers as well because they will be aware that their data is compromised. Customer announcement also help business avoid unexpected charge from fine and law.

Raising awareness of data breach will help reduce the cost for this incident every year and bring more profit for both business and the national economy. Start from each individual for the management, a proper training of data breach should be considered to be mandatory.



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