The Internet offers a lot of opportunities in the development of the technology world, also enhances the potential development across industries. Besides these benefits, it also creates numerous risks in data security, networks, spreading malicious software that affects individuals and organizations.

In order to avoid major damages from system breach, it is required strong security solutions to prevent, detect and secure system. If the threat is detected early and prepared timely solution, this is one step ahead of preventing the adversary and reducing the possibility of being attacked. There are currently two types of network attack/threat detection: manual and automatic.

Manual detection requires human interaction parallel with machines, features of traditional method:

  • Fully control time, purpose, and decision making
  • Discovering new security threats
  • Research to provide more optimal solutions

Automatic detection is based on the user’s programming without human involve. The key features of automated threat detection:

  • Always follow the scheduled
  • High performance and fast
  • Human error limited
  • High stability

The combination of both types will enhance an ability to protect the system from malicious components anddetect new types of attacks.