Your Goal – The smarter forms to fit the future

The Transform Smarter professionals have been experimenting with design thinking as part of our efforts to develop creative tools to move the needle.

With 5G technology enabled, the Internet of Things (IoT) is more complex, multi-channel, multi-platform beasts. Full reliance on IoT and 5G raise the following question:  Will your current business model hold you back? This can happen not only by network disconnections or devices (sensors) inaccuracy or application logic flaws but also due to targeted attacks.

We are with you every step of the way to: 

  • Transform your business timely to reach significant valuable services in order to achieve your goals
  • Help your transformation mitigate the risks associated with security, privacy and trust
  • Provide recovery solutions that are crucial for your business survival

We offer guidance, project support to our client on:

The process of smart transformation

Strategy and Development

        • Develop smart creative strategy that transforms your business timely to reach significant grow-business and enhance competitiveness
        • Provide recommendations for smart devices
        • Analyze service requirements and support sufficient backup solutions
        • Custom frameworks development for data collection and processing
        • Install, setup and support for all smart devices on the market

Public Relation

        • With smart connections, we align, ignite and drive strategic objectives to ensure your organization’s reputation is reaching its goal


        • Bring new smart experience to your business, the Internet of Advertising Things

Web Design and Development

        • Integrating design-thinking with smart technology, we design websites that provide very deep engagement with audience


The security and privacy of smart transformation


        • Identify un-authorized access and attack windows
        • Define security, privacy and reliability requirements for your business transformation
        • Custom design a forward security system that satisfies all security requirements
        • Discuss possible malfunction impact on smart devices


        • Help you define your privacy rights
        • Increase user perception of smart application processes that involve user’s sensitive data or require user’s permission
        • Develop tools to monitor and protect your privacy