COVID-19, an official name of the Coronavirus that becomes one of the most serious health threats globally. As of today, the virus spread has no sign of slowing down and it seems to be out of control in some countries. In effort to develop COVID-19 medical insights, researchers and technology organizations collaborate to collect patient information in order to understand about the disease. Sharing patient data can be a potential solution to improve treatment and Coronavirus vaccine study. However, access to patient treatment records is raising privacy concerns.

Personal information such as medical records, medication and personally identifiable information will be used for research and develop effective isolation system for stopping the spread of the virus. Sharing collected data between health and research organizations brings privacy and security concerns into the spotlight. The top priority is to develop vaccine and effective treatment, but patient privacy must be protected.

The patient should know their fundamental privacy rights in order to be aware of what purposes of their personal information is being collected and used. Likewise, government or health organizations should develop solution to protect patient’s privacy. COVID-19 pandemic is dangerous, but it does not mean patient willing to give up their privacy.