Everybody uses social media for digital marketing purpose, from personal to business level. There are several platforms with different ­­features such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Using social media platforms is beneficial for advertising and promoting; however, at the same time, it brings many risks which can affect heavily on personal and business reputation.

When the employee has inappropriate content posted on their social media, it can create bad impression on that individual and also the organization that individual belongs to. In term of business level, wrong usage of social media may impact the employer, the employee and the organization itself. The negative content from customers or adversaries can reach a wide audience and can be widely spread in a short time, which makes company does not have enough time to response, it happens the same with personal reputation. The content and frequency of update also create undesirable consequence since low frequency of updating on social media sites may lead audience to the misunderstanding that the company is unprofessional.

Social media network is a big step of information technology which changes the way people do business. It creates value within one click; however, it may create threats for personal and corporate’s reputation at the same time. Therefore, business and individual should take extra caution when using social media network to advertising and promoting.