On October 20, 2021, Transform Smarter team was excited to join the 12th Senere-Risc Annual Workshop (online) to connect with professional in the information technology industry, and update new state of Canadian cybersecurity.

The 2021 Senere-Risc Annual Workshop offers opportunities for participants as well as keynote speakers to discuss about the existing cyber-security challenges in Canada. There are three main sessions:

  • Session 1 – The State of Cybersecurity: Current Failures and Emerging Solutions
  • Session 2 – Improving small to medium enterprises (SMEs) Cybersecurity
  • Session 3 – Cybersecurity R&D in Canada

Cyber-security has been a trending discussion topic, and it is being more concerned during the pandemic. There are several businesses are transforming their business model into the cyber world to adapt with the current situation. This raises a challenge for SMEs due to the complexity, the risks associated with security, privacy, and trust. Therefore, SMEs need to have effective measurements before moving forward.

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