Video Source: City of Vancouver. “City of Vancouver and City of Surrey Smart Cities Challenge Finalist Video.” YouTube, 6 Mar. 2019,

The final proposal Smart Cities Challenge project has been submitted on March 5, 2019 by the City of Vancouver (CoV) and City of Surrey (CoS). The result will be announced by the jury on May 14, 2019, and the winner will receive $50 million from the Government of Canada.

The contribution of this project is to improve resident living standard, and it will be an opportunity to transform our city smarter. According to the CoV “Smart cities have the potential to improve all aspects of livability and opportunity in a city: how we move around and communicate, our environment, and more”. Smart city will provide Wi-Fi for everyone at everywhere, bike sharing, electric vehicle charging station, better traffic by collecting and analyzing data, VanConnect app for a better Vancouver, city vehicles will run on cleaner fuel and GPS technology which will improve response time.

Moreover, the challenge statement is collision-free; as said by the CoV and CoS, “The proposal identifies two collision-free corridors that will be equipped with connected technology solutions related to:

  • Intelligent transportation system (ITS) infrastructure
  • Autonomous vehicle shuttles
  • Citizen experience
  • Last mile mobility
  • Data and analytics”

The CoV and CoS have worked hard for the last 20 months and became one out of five final candidates for the bid. It will be challenging for both cities because this is the first model city in Canada. However, if the City of Vancouver and City of Surrey success it would be a significant motivation for other cities across Canada.

For more information please visit Smart Cities Challenge and Surrey and Vancouver submit final bid.