Smart city will eventually expand around the world which provides a highly functional (enhanced and customized environment) to residents such as: internet connection anytime and anywhere, smart traffic control, crime detection, smart hospital, etc.

Let assume internet access is available anywhere. However, public internet has never been secured. There are billions of internet users around the world, and most people use public Wi-Fi from coffee shop, taxi… Security of public connection is an issue because we do not know who set it up, or who else is connecting to it.

Nowadays, smartphone is the most popular device. Users can install applications, store sensitive personal information such as bank account, date of birth, social insurance number and much more on their phone. For someone who has less knowledge about security, they will be less cautious about using or storing their data.

People are using internet without awareness of someone is able to attack their personal devices. There is a high thread with unsecure public network, popular type of attacks are: eavesdropping, shoulder suffering.

With the rapid growth of smart cities, a huge of sensitive data will be collected. And current user behaviours have many vulnerabilities, that an adversary can easily attack.