Smart home is designed to help your living more efficiency and convenience. However, smart home technologies have numerous of risks related to security and privacy, e.g.  home assistants can listen to user’s conversation without their knowledge, security camera exploitation allows adversary to seize its monitoring. Security risk will definitely affect householder’s intention to use smart home devices.

Here are some tips that can be helpful to prevent security breach:

  • Be aware of what are you using and its capability (e.g. camera, doorbell, thermostat) which can learn and record your behaviour and activity
  • Keep your devices and your knowledge up to date can stop previous exploitation
  • Create a strong Wi-Fi password can protect your network from compromising
  • Avoid untrustworthy applications or devices
  • Avoid using unsecure public Internet to control your smart home devices and also be aware of shoulder-surfing attack.

With the significantly growing of smart home devices, understand and limit potential security risks can help you safely discover and experience all the benefits that smart devices offer.