Smartphone becomes one of the most popular wireless devices due to its advanced technology. Besides basic functions (e.g. phone call or text message), smartphone allows user to store important personal information such as identity, bank information, address book, social media account. Therefore, smartphone becomes a prime target for cyber-attack which puts the user’s data at risk.

Users should have perception of the smartphone application process that involve their sensitive data or require user’s permission. For instance, misleading to install a malicious application from third-party app store that enables adversary to take control of your device and access personal data; or granting a misconception permission that allows apps not only access to sensitive data (e.g. photo, location) on your phone but also hardware feature (e.g. camera or microphone).

Smartphone is a convenience device that provides daily simple services, but users should be aware and concerned about security and privacy of their personal data.  The following tips maybe useful to protect your security and privacy:

  • Use strong password
  • Avoid store sensitive data
  • Keep device up to date
  • Avoid third party applications
  • Avoid typing password in public
  • Turn off sharing location if necessary
  • Minimize using save password option
  • Limit application accessibly (e.g. location, photos, documents)
  • Be aware of scam SMS or email (e.g. check email address of sender, unfamiliar phone number)