5G or “fifth generation” network has been under-designed for the last decade, and it is still a trendy topic for discussion. On Oct 30, 2019, it was a pleasure for Transform Smarter to attend 5G and Smart Cities event that was hosted at Simon Fraser University. The topic was “5G can enable smart cities – but at what cost?” and three invited speakers were:

  • Suhayya Abu-Hakima. Co-Founder, President and CEO Amika Mobile Corporation.
  • Stéphane Gagnon. Vice-President of the Communications Research Centre’s Applications and Performance Wireless branch University.
  • Rodney Vaughan. Professor in Communications at Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University.

The Government of Canada is moving forward to provide the newest communication network for its citizens in short period of time. We had a great conversation with Stéphane about his current research in 5G communications, which will provide higher internet speed for Canadian. At this time, user in some area of Canada can only access to slow internet speed (5Mbps downloading and 1 Mbps uploading). The government’s goal is to increase average streaming speed up to 50 Mbps downloading and 10 Mbps uploading, hence 5G will play a significant role in this revolution.

5G has been testing in several cities in US, Europe, China and other major capitals around the world. Surprisingly, on the first day of November 2019, China has become the first nation to release 5G publicly. The announcement came earlier than planned.

Smart city is around the corner and 5G will be the backbone for its concept, we are looking forward to seeing all the advantages that they can offer to users.