Transform Smarter had a great opportunity to join Vancouver Cyber Security meet up hosted by Ashish on January 25, 2020. The event was to promote cyber security and privacy awareness with two note speakers:

  • John Rauser (CISCO) presented CISCO’s cloud security project
  • Patrick Neal (Doctor of Social Sciences, Master of Arts – Justice & Public Safety) with the speech about Hacking Back is a Socially Good Thing

Cloud computing has become one of the most efficient digitalize solutions for public and private sectors. Cloud offers numerous benefits such as real-time communication, improve accessibility, reduce operation and maintenance cost, etc. The convenience of Cloud is indisputable; however, there are number of security and privacy issues need to be concerned.

Patrick presented his topic related to Socially Constructing Cyber Deterrence as a Safety and Security Solution. He stated that about 30% of 320 of the Fortune 500 had the ability to counterattack against adversary. In 2014, about 36% of the 180 businesses were in BlackHat. Patrick also talked about Hackbacks, which was an effective method to deal with attackers (approximately 8% of 200 IT proffessionals conducted hackbacks).

Technology provides businesses with an effective business environment and scalability, but it also creates numerous unforeseen risks. It is even difficult for the government to manage and prevent these risks because the technology is rapidly developing, and the law is passed after the consequences. Businesses that are already transforming and adopting technology should put the company’s security and privacy issues first to avoid unexpected risks since it is impossible to reverse the system back to original operation.

After having many interesting discussions and sharing value information, we would like to thank Ashish Agarwal for facilitating people who wanted to know more about computer security.