IMPACTFest, a non-profit organization that has been developing and experiencing in smart devices such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). With more than 30 years experiences, it attempts to develop the new way of entertainment for users such as games and films.

On November 4, Transform Smarter attended the Vancouver IMPACTFest Conference 2019 at MT Innovation Centre. We looked at some physical smart devices and chatted with IMPACTFest researchers about their interested projects. We had a great time to experience with VR and AR devices, and Microsoft HoloLens promising to be the future of technology.

Additionally, we join a Tong Min (PonderEd Education/University Canada West)’s seminar about “Understanding-based education inhibits brain development”. This is a really useful topic for education, “in order to develop brain power, students have to use their brain to find knowledge instead of relying on the knowledge provided by teachers” according to Tong Min.

AR and VR are changing the way we educate ourselves and connect to each other. Those smart technologies will assist in making our lives easier, faster and better.