Vancouver International Privacy & Security Summit (VIPSS) 2021 was a three-day conference to connect security and privacy professionals around the world. This is the first digital experience annual summit with realistic look and feel. The virtual platform was a creative way to form the conference: from the virtual lobby with the company booths to the escalator that carried everyone to the keynote speakers, workshop, or panel sessions. Transform Smarter team has participated the online VIPSS event on May 5 – 7, 2021 to discuss several topics related to cyber security, privacy and resilience.

The VIPSS summit has 65 subject matter experts, and 10 keynotes from industry, government, and academia. These are some of the topics have been covered:

  • Building Canada into a Digital World
  • Cyber Law & Cyber Insurance
  • Creating a Cyber Resilient Organization
  • Managing Identity & Security in the Cloud
  • The New Digital Normal – Remote Work and Security
  • Women in Cybersecurity & Privacy

The VIPSS summit provided essential education, training and opportunities for us who are interesting in the transformation of the new technologies.

For more information, please visit Vancouver International Privacy & Security Summit